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Picolazer Skin Rejuvination

How It Works

The Picolazer has been the only picosecond laser that is FDA approved for multiple aesthetic applications and has been deemed safe for all skin types.

This versatile laser allows for rapid and non-invasive removal of melasma, pigment discoloration, scarring, blemishes, pore reduction, fine lines and textural concerns.

The Picolazer places small, rapid burst of energy deep into the skin, where It can break up areas of damaged skin or discolored pigmentation. These ultra short pulses penetrate damaged layers of the skin without relying on heat so the healthy skin cells and tissues in the surrounding area are not affected. The pressure waves created by the Picolazer treatment activates your skin cells natural healing mechanisms, promoting the production of new collagen and elastin, therefore revitalizing the skin from within with typically little to no downtime.

Our experienced staff are able to accomplish effective results. Check out our before and afters!

Number of Treatments Needed

3-6 treatments may be necessary depending on your skin care goals. 

This treatment can also be done on a monthly basis like a regular facial while adding a special carbon lotion, commonly known as the Hollywood Laser Peel, as it uses the Picolazer technology. 

Common Treatment Areas

Common treatment areas are face, neck, chest, hands, and back.

Who Benefits

All skin types Fitzpatrick‘s I-VI can benefit from this noninvasive laser treatment which can effectively treat melasma, age spots, freckles, wrinkles, acne scars, and some pigmented birthmarks.

What To Expect

The Picolazer is generally well tolerated. Mild redness and warmth of the skin is common and usually dissipates after 24 to 48 hours.

What To Avoid

It is always important with any laser treatment to be mindful of your sun exposure for 1-2 weeks pre and post procedure for best results and to wear sunscreen.

You may resume Benzoyl Peroxide, Salicylic Acid, Retinols, and Medical Grade skincare that contains active ingredients 48-72 hours after treatment.

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